Who’s Suing Whom?

By on August 14, 2011

One of the most interesting aspects of business and community life is the manner in which legal disputes are adjudicated and compensation, when ordered, is decided and enforced.

It is also one of the crucial aspects of democracy that citizens have access to the courts and the ability to see justice being done.

In order to provide a window on the legal affairs being debated and disputed in Provincial Court the Ministry of the Attorney General provides a daily list of court cases being heard. We have provided a link below so that our visitors may make use of this free service.

For Today’s Provincial Criminal Court List (Port Coquitlam) Simply Click Here.

For Small Claims (Port Coquitlam) Simply Click Here

Who’s Suing Whom?

The Provincial Court is the first level of court in British Columbia. The Court’s jurisdiction includes criminal, family, child protection, small claims, and traffic cases.

The Court sits throughout the province and hundreds of people attend the Provincial Court every day. For these people, this Court represents the face of justice in British Columbia.

Chilliwack Court Services
Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:00 pm
46085 Yale Road Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 2L8

Disclaimer: The listing and publication of cases in no way implies guilt or innocence but is merely published as a public service.


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