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By on December 19, 2016

by Sher Boudreau. A Hockey Life For Me is a story by Sher Boudreau it is about her and her common-law husband Brek Stewart’s love for hockey and community involvement .

For Richard ‘Brek’ Stewart, hockey
isn’t just a seasonal sport it is a way
of life. While he never donned a pair
of hockey skates in a team capacity,
his hockey knowledge is vast and
has been put to valuable use by his
volunteer career for minor hockey.
Starting as a hockey dad, the 50
year old encouraged his oldest son’s
playing and gradually moved up the
ladder to his new position of Juvenile
Division Manager for Pacific Coast
Minor Hockey.

Brek’s son Ian has long been out of
minor hockey although he still plays
hockey in the local men’s league.
Brek has maintained his affiliation
with minor hockey first with Ridge
Meadows and now with Pacific

In the 2007-2008 hockey season,
Brek managed the Ridge
Meadows “Moose” Juvenile A1
team that won the provincial silver
medal. He continued to manage
the Ridge Meadows for another
year while starting his extended
volunteer career to league manager
status. While being a manager and
league manager, Brek also assisted
and eventually co-ordinated the
annual Ridge Meadows International
Spring Tournament and the annual

Juvenile Christmas Tournament.
Brek and his common-law wife
Sher Boudreau have also taken
in hockey players from the Czech
Republic and Slovakia during the
Spring Tournament. Billeting the
Czech boys was a thrill and a
wonderful experience. Through the
magic of Facebook, Brek maintains
contact with previous players in
both the tournaments and the Ridge
Meadows Minor Hockey Association.

In 2010 Brek was given the Ridge
Meadows Minor Hockey Volunteer
Award along with friend, mentor
and fellow tournament Director
David Knight. This award came as
a surprise and delight to Brek and
was honoured to receive such a
wonderful award for doing something
that comes so easy to him.

Brek’s passion for hockey isn’t just
for minor leagues but he is also a
huge fan of the Vancouver Canucks
and the Vancouver Giants. Brek
is gearing up for the upcoming
minor hockey season with as much
enthusiasm as some of the players
themselves. As a Divisional Manager
for Pacific Coast; Brek will be an
integral part of the behind the scenes
for the 2011-2012 season.

It’s a passion that engulfs the whole
year and is done with love. For
Brek Stewart, when he hears the
word ‘hockey’, it brings not just a
smile but a warm fuzzy in his heart

and a spring in his step. It definitely
is a hockey life for him.

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