Provincial Politics: NDP Maple Ridge-Mission Picnic With Adrian Dix

By on August 6, 2011

Editors Report: I just got back from a picnic at Mike Bocking’s house. It was a fundraiser for the NDP provincial riding of Maple Ridge-Mission. Adrian Dix was on hand to talk Provincial Politics! [Click On Image For Full Story]

Adrian Dix and Abbotsford NDP Riding President Moe Gidda

This provincial riding saw the NDP with Mike Bocking as the candidate , narrowly lose to Marc Dalton and the B.C. Liberal Party by 68 votes.

Mike Bocking seeking the nomination for the NDP in the next Provincial Election


I was able to talk to the other candidate seeking the nomination for the riding Mr. Bob D’Eith . Mr.D’Eith owns the D’eith & Company Entertainment Law company on #530 -425 Carrall Street in Vancouver.

Bob D'eith seeking the nomination for the NDP in the riding of Maple Ridge-Mission

Bob D’Eith’s NDP candidate nomination website
David Murray: Thanks for meeting with me Bob.
Bob D’eith: My pleasure David.
DM: Bob, what do you do for a living?
BD: I own the D’eith & Company Entertainment Law firm in Vancouver.
DM: Why are you interested in running in the next provincial election Bob?
BD: I want to make a difference in our community, I want to be able to give something back.
DM: I heard you talk awhile ago. You sound like a very strong activist for the disenfranchised and the marginalized people in our society.
BD: Yes, I believe in standing up for people that have trouble standing up for themselves.
DM: Is there someone special in your life that has motivated you to take on this pursuit?
BD: My brother, he suffers from schizophrenia.
DM: I guess you realize the NDP narrowly lost this seat last time. What makes you feel you can be the one that puts the NDP in the winners circle this time around?
BD: I am an extremely hard worker David, If given the chance I will not rest until this seat goes back to whom it belongs, the NDP!
DM: It was nice to talk to you today Bob and best of luck in your pursuit!
BD: Thanks David.

Ed Nicholles, Simon Challenger the Riding President and David Blair who was the musician for the picnic were all helping out at the picnic to raise money for the riding!

Ed Nicholles-Simon Challenger-David Blair

Kelly Bocking who was hosting the barbecue with her husband Mike , took time for a photo. David Blair, Rod Smelser and Young NDP representative Tiffany Making are also in the photo.

David Blair-Kelly Bocking-Rod Smelser-Tiffany Making

I got a chance to talk to the other NDP candidate seeking the nomination in the riding Mike Bocking. I asked him a few questions.
David Murray: Hi Mike, how many votes did you and the NDP lose by in the 2009 provincial election?
Mike Bocking: It was 68 votes David.
DM: You have ran for the NDP both Federally and Provincially , what years did you run?
MB: I ran in 2004 Federal election where I lost by just 1,500 votes. Again in 2006 and in 2008. I ran for the first time provincially in 2009.
DM: How do you think the NDP will do in this riding this time around.
MB: I think that if the Liberals were forthright in their policies there would have been a very different result in 2009. Within 6 months their true colours were exposed. The Mission hospital was downsized and the emergency compromised .They lied about the HST . If there was an election today, the NDP would win this riding!
DM: Mike , you have had some challenges before, this challenge from Bob D’Eith is probably your hardest challenge todate.
MB: I agree David, Bob is a worthy candidate. The interest this riding has shown in the past has gotten strong candidates like Bob to consider running. It is healthy to have a contested riding, it brings in more volunteers, builds party membership, and it is great for the Democratic process.
DM: I got to know you fairly well in the last provincial election, What I liked about you as a candidate you were always on message. You were always a gentleman and always spoke respectfully, positively and passionately about the issues.
MB: Thanks David , that is kind of you to say that!

Mike Bocking-Moe Gidda- former MLA Dennis Streifel *Helped champion the West Coast Express*

Last but not least I chatted with Adrian Dix. The leader of the Provincial NDP Party.
David Murray: Its nice to see you again Mr. Dix.
Adrian Dix: Mr. Dix???
DM: I heard you are traveling tomorrow?
AD: Yes, I am going to Williams Lake, the Chilcotin country!
DM: Very busy schedule indeed.
AD: I am meeting with Joe Alphonse who has been re-elected as chief of the Tl’etinqox (Anaham) First Nation. David I know you are a sports-trivia guy. Who is the only NHL player from Lake Anaham?
DM: You got me.
AD: It is Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens.
AD: I am also going to be traveling with MLA Charlie Wyse and John Horgan.

DM: Despite the H.S.T. being brought in by Gordon Campbell, Premier Christy Clark has definitely taken ownership of it!

Ed Nicholles a great NDP activist and Leader Adrian Dix

AD: Yes, there is no doubt about that.
DM: How do you feel the HST vote will go Adrian?
AD: It is going to be close but I think it will be defeated.
DM: Do you think this could trigger an election from Premier Clark and the BC Liberal’s?
AD: It might influence it a bit whether she calls a snap election, again breaking another Liberal promise of a fixed election date in May of 2013.

DM: So what do you think could spark a Christy Clark election?
AD: We would have had one already in May if it was not for the HST referendum. As soon as it looks like the polls favour her and her party enough we will be into an election.
DM: Thanks Adrian, I will see you again soon.
AD: Talk to you later David.

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