Pitt Meadows Politics: Council of Council Meeting City Of Langley Today

By on April 29, 2017

By David Murray. The Council of Council Meeting today had most of the Mayor’s and Councillor’s from Metro Vancouver attending a information/workshop meeting today in the City of Langley.
Mayor John Becker was in attendance as well as all the other council members from Pitt Meadows.

Many interesting points were brought forward, water, housing, homelessness were among many of the discussions brought forward. An interesting fact was that the taxes paid in Metro for Schools were around the $600 mark, for outside of Metro it was $222. This brought a lot of conversation at the microphone. The mill rate set by the provinces for business is the same throughout the province. With costs higher in Metro , this brought the indifference in costs.

Mayor John Becker stated, “Senior levels of government have to be responsible and held accountable for homelessness” , although very sympathetic towards this issue, he noted the Provincial government would love to have us look after this for them, We simply do not have the budget in our City. Mayor Becker got a loud ovation after his speech at the microphone about this issue.

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