Pitt Meadows: Pitt Lake The Largest Freshwater Tidal Lake In The World

By on June 23, 2011

Submitted. Pitt Lake is not only an outdoor paradise, it’s a world record holder, or a North American one. The 24-kilometre-long lake is known as the largest freshwater tidal lake in the world.

“We call it the largest in North America,” said Elaine Golds, conservation chair and vice-president of the Burke Mountain Naturalists. “It can’t be confirmed which is the largest in the world, Pitt is second, I believe.”

Pitt Lake is considered also to be one of the deepest lakes in the world!

Surrounded by terrain which makes only the south end accessible by road, it’s just 16-kilometres north of Maple Ridge.

The lake is a collection of untapped resources and spectacular sceneries surrounding a body of water known for its large waves and temperamental nature.

A sunny cruise down 208th Street will lead to the Grant Narrows Regional Park at the southern end of the Lake, where camping, boating, fishing, water sports and hiking await.

And the rivers upstream from the lake into the valley are considered some of the best fly-fishing in the world.

“The oceanic tidal action of the lake and the many waterfalls make for active water,” said Golds. “Canoers and campers can be quite surprised sometimes by the strong lapping at the side of their boat.”

The lake has more than 50-kilometres of shore line ripe with natural wonders. The south end of the shore is a piece of the Widgeon Valley natural wildlife reserve-accessible from Pitt Lake by canoe, day-hikers can plan a trip to the Widgeon falls.

The lake is a popular boating and camping destination for the variety of activity available. Marked trails prepared for the hiker, dot the shoreline. A collage of views are available throughout the trails and the southern marshes are renowned as an excellent bird-watching area. They’re a frequent haunt of the amateur ornithologist, and contain ready-to-use bird stands.

The web of rivers and streams which mark the coast line offer a number of opportunities for exploration. Known for rocky coves containing small islands, the sandy beaches are consistent stopping points for boaters and great spots for fishing.

And relaxation can continue in a natural hot bath. The lake boasts what some campers, including Golds, consider the best hot springs in B.C.

Fishing is what made this area famous though and the upper rivers of the Pitt valley boast great year-round fishing. Linked with a number of other water sources, it offers a variety of species in its waters, giving anglers the opportunity to fight steelhead and choose between their days catch of bull trout. For Dolly Varden and trouts, casters stick to the deeper bays, however a good five-pound rainbow trout is not abnormal in the open lake.

The lake boasts a number of small natural campsites with full accommodations, facilities and services being available in Maple Ridge.

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