Pitt Meadows News: Pitt Meadows Tax and Utilities Rate Set At 0.64% for 2017

By on January 18, 2017

The last three years has seen the City of Pitt Meadows record the lowest taxes in Metro Vancouver with an average increase of 1.66 %. This year the rate is set at 0.64 , which will again put Pitt Meadows at the lowest or among the lowest tax increases for 2017.
What makes this special is that in 2016 Pitt Meadows hired a $90,000 Environmental officer, created between 40-45 jobs, many jobs are now being done in house rather than being contracted out.
In 2016 the City brought the Parks and Rec and Arts and Culture departments in house. This was done on budget and without a disruption in services. A living wage policy was voted on and with council direction will move forward. Council also approved an additional RCMP officer at a price of $166,000. Also included is $180,000 going to “Infrastructure Replacement” within the city. The garbage contract as well as the contract with MMBC will see the City of Pitt Meadows save $2.7 million dollars over the next 7 years .

This is the Media Release from the City of Pitt Meadows



January 17, 2016

File #2017-02


Pitt Meadows City Council ended budget deliberations last week with a 0.64% or a $19 planned increase

for 2017 for the average single family home. While the property tax portion of the tax bill came out to

an increase of 3.81% or an average of $70, the utilities portion, which includes water, sewer, drainage,

garbage and recycling, is decreasing by $51.

The utilities reduction for the average single family home was made possible by the significant savings in

the solid waste collection contract recently negotiated by Council and by the transfer of recycling

collection to Multi-Materials BC in August.

Council scrutinized department operating and capital budgets, and reviewed nine budgetary decision

packages, in the end approving or modifying eight of them.

The 2017 budget includes ongoing enhancements such as:

 One new police officer to bolster public safety, increase focus on traffic related issues and

enhance the Katzie First Nations relationship

 Expanded bylaw enforcement coverage for evenings and weekends

 Increased resourcing for community leadership in emergency preparedness planning

 Increased funding for citizen engagement and communications

 Arts, Culture & Heritage value, awareness, planning and programming and the establishment of

ongoing funding to a new Art in Public Places reserve

The $7 million in proposed capital projects will pay for a variety of vehicle, equipment, roads,

technology, parks and building projects, including:

 Rannie Road Repave

 Neaves Road Bike Lanes

 Baynes Road Trash Rack System

 Bonson PRV Replacement

 Works Yard Office Expansion to accommodate new parks staff and equipment

 Harris Road Water Play Park

 Firehall Building Replacement (2017 planning)

 Website Refresh

As in previous years, the capital plan also sets aside an additional one per cent in taxes ($177,000) for

the future replacement of infrastructure.

Residents interested in the business plans and budget background can find the information on the City’s

website at pittmeadows.bc.ca and in hard copy at City Hall and the library.

Council is hosting an information session on property assessments and taxation during a Regular

Council meeting in February.


For more information please contact:

John Becker, Mayor

City of Pitt Meadows


Click on to the link to access the chart for the tax summary. http://www.pittmeadows.bc.ca/EN/main/cityhall/44/archives/press/Pitt_Meadows_Tax_and_Utility_Rates_set_for_2017.html

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