Omnibus Protest At Kamp’s Office – Where Were The People?

By on March 8, 2014

By Wayne Clark: I was at the OMNIBUS protest in front of our perpetually absent MP Randy Kamp’s office and took great pride at all the caring Canadian patriots holding their signs and braving the bitter cold to protest.

With so many dysfunctional things wrong with this Conservative government it is impossible to focus on one issue anymore. I was heartened by the young people that had the courage and foresight to join us.

Sadly they were not what was foremost on my mind, it was the thousands of people that were not there. I suppose they were sitting in front of the TV watching some movie they have seen 3 times or maybe even watching the news and getting angry over something they don’t approve of.

I have to wonder where were the people that expect our government to be at least competent money managers, a government that turned a surplus into the biggest deficit in Canadian history! Six hundred and forty seven billion dollars.

They even managed to lose $3.1 billion dollars and have the Canadian dollar at an abysmal 80 cents! Where were the unemployed? 7.2 percent of Canadians who should be outraged that 446,847 foreign workers are in Canada doing Canadian jobs! The jobs the foreign workers are taking are non-skilled to skilled jobs and the fact that this government has failed miserably in making sure there are Canadians trained for these positions.

Talk about incompetence! The Conservative government pays 3 to 10 times as much for everything they do or buy such as the G-20 and an icebreaker for example.

Where were the people that care about public health care? Where were the people that are concerned about the Conservative’s environmental polices (or to be more specific lack of environmental laws). There has been a 400 percent increases in cancer rates in certain areas and at the same time the government is trying to get rid of public health care.

Where were the people that don’t believe that only commercially viable wildlife species should be protected by the government of Canada, or that only 97 lakes and 62 rivers out of 2.25 million lakes and rivers deserve protection.

Not to mention forcing pipelines that are destroying our environment on a majority of people that do not want them.

Mr. Harper has acted to destroy environmental law brought in as far back as Sir John A. Macdonald. Where were the people that don’t believe the government should be spying on innocent Canadians and our allies? Where were the people that are angry that Canada’s government has for the first time in history litteraly given away Canada’s sovereignty (a treasonous act in my mind) and infringing on Canadians right to make laws consistent with Canadians rights and values such as protecting our enviroment, rights of privacy, and voting rights?

Where were the people that don’t want America’s police sweeping into Canadian homes to take you away for supposedly breaking some obscure American law that they can’t even enforce in their own country ?( this just happened in Vancouver where Seattle police raided an old age home looking for drugs and never found any, it was according to our government a simple misunderstanding)

I guess we should be thankful they are not going to prosecute the older lady that resisted them.

Where were all the mothers and fathers that always believed their children would be brought up in a Democracy and do they even know what that means and instead have a government that without debate and once again using giant omnibus bills is purposely making voting harder for Canadians?

These changes would disenfranchise 100s of thousands of Canadian voters!

Where were the people that are incensed with the way our war veterans are disrespected and treated? Where were the people that don’t like MPs getting up and spouting barefaced lies and then within days turning around and recanting his testimony with the feeble excuse that he misspoke?

Where is the honesty, integrity, and ethics ?

Where is the respect of democratic principles of this government, as well as our Prime Minister that is has been found guilty of contempt! Where were the people that didn’t like the flagrant illegal election law abuses and their pathetic answer to fixing these abuses is to disenfranchising even more voters and making sure there is no one there to catch them in the next election?

I realize Canadians are a very laid back passive people, but time is running out for Canadians and their quasi-democracy. In Steven Harper’s own words quote “you will not recognize Canada when I am through with it!”Mr. Harper has already made it unrecognizable from the Canada I was born into and the democracy my father and so many others fought and died for !

I loved how Canada was a world leader sometimes biting off more than it could chew but always trying to lead the world in the right direction. I sorely miss that Canada.
I know this letter is too long but anybody that has been paying attention knows that I have only scratched the surface of this governments corruption, incompetence, destructive shortsighted economic and environmental polices.

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