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By on August 17, 2012

UPDATED 17/08/12 – COMMENTS RECEIVED – Dear Editor. Just when I think the pendulum has swung to the right as far as it can go I am amazed to see us move yet further to the right.

This is an obvious truth, now with the American Patriot act and all the other draconian legislation passed since then, America has literally become a Fascist country and because all these repressive American laws supersede Canada’s national laws now thanks to Herr Harper we have become just a sorry reflection of big brother America.

Europe and the rest of the world seems to finally be trying to reverse this shift to the extreme right, but North America in particular fights this trend back to the centre with all the resources the one percent can throw at it.

Is anyone seriously going to try to make the argument that it was social programs or social safety nets that has brought the world to the edge of financial ruin. I have puzzled about this phenomena for years for example America is actually in worse financial shape than Greece, Greece per-capita debt $47,664 America $49,000 and what does America do but go yet further to the right, even to the extent of a man who is essentially a junk bond profiteer running for President. When things get bad the answer for Americans always seems to be, move further to the right and then wonder why things do not get better, then of course just move further to the right yet again.

Federally Canada has a government that continues to rule with all the worst polices of George W. Bush.

In Canada provincially we have the same phenomena where in Alberta we just watched a pitched battle between the right and the ultra-right, Redford head of the wild rose party commented that Albertans have been evolving over the last decade, and she is right they are apparently evolving into Ferengi.

It occurs to me that when the west won the cold war over the east, America was at the height of it’s power and also in the centre of the political spectrum compared to where it is now.

It is worth noting that if you go far enough right you eventually end up left, and pass through Fascism along the way to your unintended goal.

Canada’s sharp turn to the right away from our traditional values such as democratic peace keepers, thoughtful stewards of the environment, and a respected world leader and the fact that Canada is becoming an obvious right wing dictatorship, is to me and many other Canadians the wrong direction for the Canadian people our civil rights and liberties, democracy, the environment of Canada and the world as a whole and all it’s inhabitants.

Time for Canadians to stand up and be counted, while we still have a country left.

Wayne Clark
Maple Ridge

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  1. Leslie Hammond

    August 17, 2012 at 3:25 am

    I agree with Wayne Clark when he states that Canada has lost its traditional role as peacekeepers and moderators in the world. I agree that politics is cyclical and that we have moved too far to the right. I watched in dismay as the Federal NDP have moved to the centre in the hopes of forming the next government.
    Harper, that Bush wannabe, is dismantling all the hard fought protections we have gained over the past 50 years; enviromental, equal pay based on fair market value not gender or country of origin. The security certificates that contravene a thousand years of British Haepeus Corpus, allowing/encouraging the police and army to trample on the civil rights of Toronto protestors,their refusal to honour their commitment to let Omar Khdr to come home at the same time as allowing that convicted felon Conrad Black a non citizen to live here.
    Harper reminds me a lot of Bennett of the dirty thirties who perferred to travel to Europe than stay home and find solutions. Harper did not create our safer banking system, he inherited it from Paul Martin when as Finance Minister he balanced the budget and refused the banks requests for mergers and also their requests to invest in American paper.
    The loss in manufacturing jobs that he uses to justify the weakening of union rights was predicted by Maude Barlowe, Mel Hurtig and others of the Council of Canadians, it was called ‘the race to the bottom”.
    The streamkeepers on the west coast have been saying for years if we don’t protect our enviroment the Pacific salmon will go the same way as the Atlantic cod.

    And what does he hope to gain from all this? A two class society of the very rich and the very poor. Where the rich live in prisons i.e. gated communities and the poor live outside the gates working 12 hours a day to feed thier families?

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