Issues: Restore Riverview To A Modernized Centre Of Mental Wellness

By on March 5, 2017

Speaking out in the legislature – it’s time to restore Riverview as a modernized Centre of Mental Wellness set within the world-class arboretum and surrounding green-space – thanks Selina Robinson.
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To thrive in the place they can call home. This includes creating services and amenities that establish a competitive and attractive employment environment.
Community design:
The vision will explore opportunities to locate community service providers at Riverview and integrate wellness aspects of community design wherever feasible, such as street trees, landscaping, public art, heritage and cultural features, urban food and community gardens, walking and biking infrastructure, and public exercise.
Riverview has an extensive history as a place dedicated to mental health care. There are three existing, active mental health care lodges on-site that have been operated by Fraser Health Authority since 2000. The Brookside and Hillside buildings, operated by Coast Mental Health, were renovated in 2015 to accommodate 40 new beds dedicated to Severely Addicted Mentally Ill (SAMI) patients. These facilities will continue serving those with mental illness.
Best practice:
Mental health experts advocate for an integrated community care model. Through this approach, the required services and support are provided in communities where people live, allowing them to transition and flourish in an inclusive and supportive environment.
Healthy communities:
Additional research in the area of healthy community design shows that healthy communities include more than just health services. For example, trees, public art and other features are viewed as being especially beneficial to creating a positive community.
Riverview’s size allows for the proposed infrastructure and has the capacity to address much of the demand for the region’s mental health care services, while also meeting other goals for the site.
Existing community demands:
Integrating health services into a diverse community would allow a Renewed Riverview to address the demand for services while providing care in a way that avoids isolating those with mental illness.
There’s an opportunity in Riverview to have a series of intensities of care—from a highly expert institutional setting to a community that is designed to accommodate people with serious mental illnesses, as well as everyone else.” —

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