Issues: People Around The World Try To Save Coast From Salmon Feedlots

By on June 23, 2011

By Alexandra Morton: I have just begun a news feed on this blog because there is so much going on around the world to protect wild fish from corporate fish. It is important to understand that what we face here in British Columbia. [Click On Image For Full Story]

Farm salmon in a stun and bleed tank

Canada is going on elsewhere, often involving the same companies.

Right now people are marching against two new salmon feedlots approved in eastern Canada, as people fight a new feedlot being proposed in western Canada. Sea lice are out of control in Norway, as we still struggle to get government to even see lice here.

First Nations fight fish farms on both coasts of Canada.

Infectious salmon anemia virus is spreading around the world, causing havoc but Canada has left the door pretending they don’t know it travels in the eggs.

There is no reason for this madness. Shareholders must no longer be given priority over local people.

All we need to do is unite into one powerful, peaceful voice. The first step is to know we are not alone in the battle against the occupation of temperate coastlines around the world.

As I continue to chase this greased pig over M.C. Escher’s staircase, where up is down, down is an illusion and gravity not considered, it helps to know others are doing the same. When we meet somewhere in this mess our work will be done because there will be nowhere for this industry to run, no where to hide and we will move forward to the benefit of all our children.

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