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By on September 11, 2017

This year’s Pitt Meadows Terry Fox Run:
Sunday, September 17, 2017
Run Day Details
Registration: 8:00 am
Run Start: 10:00 am
Event End: 12:00 pm
Location: Spirit Square, 12027 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows

This is an interview I did with Fred Fox back in 2011. With Pitt Meadows hosting the start of the Ridge-Meadows Terry Fox Run, I thought it would be a good time to retell the story.
By David Murray. With the Terry Fox Run fast approaching, . I thought it would be a good idea to post my interview with Fred Fox I did after last years run. [Click On Image For Full Story] The Terry Fox run featured 10,000 participants across the Confederation Bridge in Prince Edward island. Fred spoke to me about his brother’s legacy.

Fred Fox

David Murray: Thanks Fred for doing this interview. I heard that you got back from PEI very late last night.

Fred Fox: Yes it is a four hour time difference so I am still a bit tired.

DM: How was the run in PEI?

FF: It was great. The weather was hot and sunny! The run took place on the Confederation Bridge which connects PEI and New Brunswick.

DM: How many people participated in the run?

FF: There was over 10,000 participants. It was a fantastic response. The bridge has been open for 13 years and this was only the third time the bridge was closed so the run could take place.

DM: Where was the rest of the family involved in the run?

FF: My Mom and Dad and oldest daughter Kirsten took part in the Barrington Nova Scotia Terry Fox Run. The city of Barrington won a draw which saw 340 different cities in Canada participate to get Betty and Rollie to appear in their City for the 30th annual Terry Fox Run! My sister Judy was in Croatia where she participated in the run in that country

DM: When did Terry decide to run across Canada to raise money for Cancer Research?

FF: It is hard to pinpoint but I believe it was when his old basketball coach Terry Fleming brought him a runner magazine that depicted Dick Traum a one legged runner who just completed the New York Marathon. In 1979 Terry did a 17 mile race and that is when he announced to the family that he was going to do this Canada wide run.

DM; I remember when I first met Terry, he was playing with a wheelchair basketball team called the Vancouver Cable Cars. Rick Hansen I believe was his teammate. The game was at S.F.U. Ken Boldt who was one of Terry’s best friend’s introduced me to him after the game.

FF: I remember him and Rick playing together. Terry was pretty competitive!

DM: The next time I saw Terry was at a basketball game, I think it was November of 1979 . The game was at his old high school Port Coquitlam Senior Secondary (Now Terry Fox SS) I was coaching at Capilano College and was there to recruit a player from Port Coquitlam, I sat beside Terry to get his insights on the player. We chatted for sometime and he revealed to me that he was going to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. He asked me not to tell anyone. I kept my promise and never did tell. I guess after 30 years its not a secret anymore.

FF: Terry played college basketball at S.F.U. , you probably already knew that.

DM: Yes , Stan Stewardson his coach, still speaks fondly of Terry and his determination.

DM: Everyone I talked to who ever knew Terry said he was a very humble guy. He had a lot of courage and was very hard working. My wife Sharon went to school with Terry at PoCo High. In her annual , she showed me a picture of Terry who was maybe 5’10”-5’11” at best ,checking North Surrey’s 6’10” Kirk Randa (who went on to play Division 1 for the U of Washington) The look on his face, that determination was so typical of Terry.

FF: Yes, I think the photo of him was when he was in Grade 12. The league was tough that year but Terry battled hard and eventually got a scholarship to play basketball at the next level (S.F.U.)

DM: Terry wanted to see each Canadian donate $1.00 to Cancer research. He got to see this goal of over 20 million dollars raised before he passed away (Canada’s population was just over 20 million in 1981)

FF: Terry originally had a goal to raise 1 million dollars for Cancer research. However when he went to a town called Port au Basques Newfoundland. With a population of only 8 or 9 thousand. These great people raised over 10,000 dollars for the run. It is then he set a new goal to raise 1 dollar for every Canadian. This was helped greatly when CTV and Lloyd Robertson held a Telethon to raise money for Terry’s run.

DM: How much money has the run generated for Cancer research Fred?

FF: To date it totals over $500 million.

DM: Terry and the run have helped save many lives do to the research the money has provided. This is no doubt Terry’s legacy.

FF: Yes, this is Terry’s Legacy, helping all the people who have suffered with this terrible illness.

DM: Your family has been so instrumental in carrying on Terry’s legacy. What would you like to see happen in the next 30 years and where do you feel the run will evolve?

FF: In the next 30 years our family want to see what Terry would have wanted. To see a cure for cancer. There will be a Terry Fox run until this goal is realized.

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