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By on May 11, 2018

By Heather Freund. It is now time to give your roses one more feeding before the end of summer. Choose a fertilizer specifically formulated for roses, I prefer slow release because it allows the plant more time to take up the nutrition, water soluble is good too but there is less absorbed by the plant due to run off.

Heather Freund from the Maple Ridge Garden Society

I always water my roses really good before feeding them; the water helps bind the soil to the fertilizer. After watering the roses I dig a trench all the way around the plant about 2 inches deep and about 8 inches from the stem.

Don’t put your fertilizer right at the base of the stem because you want it further out where the root system is. Sprinkle the fertilizer into the trench, if you are not sure how much to feed my rule of thumb is about a table spoon per plant, a little more if it’s a big rose a little less for a small rose. Fill in the trench and water again to activate the fertilizer.

Remember when watering roses try to get as little water as possible on the foliage and flowers. Sit back and enjoy your blooms for the rest of the summer!

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