Community News: Pitt Meadows Resident Has Amazing Sports Card & Comic Book Collection

By on July 15, 2017

Editors special: I met with Mr. John Dee of Pitt Meadows today and asked if he would bring some of his prize comics to Starbucks for me to have a look at! Here are some of the “Golden Oldies” he brought.

John Dee's favorite comic book Spidey #1

David Murray: I see you have brought some comic books with you for me to look at. Which is the first one you have you want to show me?
John Dee: I have the X-Men #8 , I bought it at an old book store and paid 20 cents for it in 1975. The current value is $400.00 now.

X-Men #8 bought in 1975 for 20 cents-current value $400

JD: My next comic I want to show you is X-Men #9. I bought it on eBay in 2004 for $20.00 it currently sells for $200.00. It is getting hard to find deals like that on eBay anymore.

X-Men #9 bought on ebay in 2004- Sells for over $200 now

JD: My next treasure is my Journey into Mystery featuring Thor. This comic came out in 1962, I bought it in the early 1970’s, I believe I paid $1.00 for it. It is worth close to $500.00 currently.

Journey in to Mystery featuring Thor was bought in 1971 for $1.00 now worth $500


Another one of my favorites is the classic Journey into Mystery featuring Spider. I bought this on eBay three years ago for $20 and it is now worth over $100.00 . It originally sold for ten cents.

First Spider comic?

JD: Lastly I wanted to show you my Fantastic Four #16 . I bought a bag full of comics in the mid-1970’s and this was one of the comics from this find. My wife gave me heck about spending $20.00 for the whole bag. This book sells for $300-$400 now.

I bought a whole bag of comics in the mid-1970's I paid $20 for the whole bag. My wife balled me out for buying them. This comic now sells for $300-$400

DM: John , do you feel comics are still a good investment today?

The vintage comics have never really lost their value. They either stay the same or go up. A lot safer bet than the stock market currently.

DM: What are your favorite comic books John?
JD: I have to say Spiderman #1 is my favorite. The Creeper series , which is a DC comic I really enjoyed, they came out in 1967. And lastly the Marvel Conan series from the 1970’s I enjoy.

DM: What kind of comics would you recommend for people just starting out with their collections?
JD: I think , pretty much any of the Graphic Novels.

DM: Comics used to be 30 pages or more. How many pages do they contain now?
JD: The are quite thin now and contain only 12 pages or so.

DM: Why do you think most new comics will never be worth anything?

Simply put, everybody buys a new comic, they put it into a mylar bag, they don’t even read them. The reason vintage comics are collectible and valuable today is because we did read them and handle them. That is why it is hard to find a nice copy of some of the older books.

DM: Thanks John for the valuable tips on collecting comics today!
JD: It is my pleasure David, I tell people , collect what YOU like!

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