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By on March 5, 2017

Editor’s Feature: My daughter Shannon-Lee Murray got her first job at Pappa Leo’s Pizza. Chris Rougeau and his local pizza business in Pitt Meadows have hired many kids for their first job in the community.

Great Pizza at a Great Price- Pappa Leo's Pizza on Harris Road

I got a chance to talk to owner Chris Rougeau.
David Murray: Hi Chris, I don’t know if you remember me, I am Shannon-Lee’s dad, you hired her about 6 years ago for her first job.
Chris Rougeau: Yes , I remember you Mr. Murray, Shannon was a great kid and a good worker.
DM: Thanks Chris, I will have to tell her that.

Owner of Pappa Leo's Pizza on Harris Road Chris Rougeau

DM: How long have you owned Pappa Leo’s Pizza?
CR: My brother Matt and I have owned it now for over 8 years.
DM: You and your brother have given a lot of kids their first work experience here at Pappa Leo’s Pizza. How do you feel about the impact that leaves with the kids that work for you and then move on.
CR: I am very seldom disappointed with the kids we hire. I am patient and before long they surprise you by how fast they learn and improve.
DM: My daughter thought you and your brother Matt were great guys. She couldn’t have asked for a better first time working experience.
DM: Chris, how many people do you currently have working at Pappa Leo’s in Pitt Meadows?
CR: We have fifteen people on staff currently.
DM: Wow, that is a great contribution to our community Chris.
CR: Thanks David, I appreciate the support in the community
DM: Why did you decide to start your business in Pitt Meadows?
CR: The opportunities are tremendous in Pitt Meadows, and like I said before, it is a great community to have a business.
DM: What pizza is your favourite Chris?
CR: I like our Barbeque Chicken pizza , probably the best. Although I do enjoy them all.

DM: I heard that you have opened another location ?
CR: Yes, my brother Matt has opened up a second location on 3237 Coast Meridian Road in Port Coquitlam.

Great deal on fantastic pizza

DM: Well Chris, I certainly hope you have a lot of success in your business and thanks again for giving my daughter her first job!
CR: It was my pleasure Mr. Murray


Pappa Leo’s Pizza in Pitt Meadows: 12151 Harris Road : 604-465-4547
In Port Coquitlam : 3237 Coast Meridian Rd. : 604-941-7374

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