Art: Brad Dinwoodie Doing Great Work In Pitt Meadows!

By on January 20, 2017


Brad Dinwoodie, Artist/Designer

A celebrated Artist and Designer, Brad is also the co-founder of WT Designs. His work is recognized internationally and he has made numerous TV appearances and has been the subject of many news articles. Brad’s work has been commissioned for the Premier of Alberta, and includes pieces in several other countries around the world including China, the U.K., and the U.S. Brad works in several different mediums including acrylic, mixed media, steel, resin and his specialty airbrush. Recognized for his unique airbrushing talent Brad has been commissioned for many large commercial mural projects and is also known internationally as a top renowned airbrush artist in the sports industry, painting many of the masks for top goalies. Not limited to one dimensional pieces Brad loves to design and create and has worked with several companies designing many products, sculptures and has even created his own line of jewelry.

Susann Sigmund
Susann Sigmund, Photographer/Designer

Co-founder of WT Designs, photographer and designer, Susann remembers her first camera, a Brownie, which only took black and whites. Today she creates her signature line of photographic abstracts with a digital camera and computer. Her use of form, color, texture and patterns provides the viewer with unique thought provoking images. When searching for subject matter she explores the uniqueness in that which is usual and finds the unusual. This extends itself to the innovative presentation of her images mounted on acrylic. Nature is her constant source of inspiration.

Susann’s unique vision is the driving force behind WT Designs today.

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